Video Director Training

As I mentioned before, I’m holding several training sessions at my church this summer. The first one is for video directors/switchers and is this Thursday night. I have some “in-house” things that I’m going to talk about as well as some skills we’ll seek to learn/improve. I’m curious, though, if any of you have 3 tips or guidelines that you would share in general with video directors. I’d love to hear them.


Simpsons fans will dig this cool interactive promotion for the upcoming film based on the animated family. You can go HERE to get “Simpsonized.” Basically, you just need to upload a photo of yourself to get transformed into a character.


“Five Storytelling Secrets for Pastors and Teachers” by Steven James:

  • Key #1 – Let the story speak for itself.
  • Key #2 – Stop telling your listeners what happened and start showing them who struggled.
  • Key #3 – When you tell stories from your life, always be the mistake maker.
  • Key #4 – Never tell the same story twice.
  • Key #5 – Pretend Less; Believe More.

To read the entire article click HERE.

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