Week 2 (At My Church) Using EasyWorship

Last week I blogged on my church’s switch from PowerPoint to EasyWorship. This morning I ran EasyWorship again – this time with 2 people watching/shadowing me. I knew that PowerPoint can be inserted into an EasyWorship schedule with no problem. We did wonder, however, if EasyWorship would still do all the transitions and animations. Last week when we changed slides during the pastor’s message, they were hard cuts.

At first I thought, “Well, you can run PowerPoint from EasyWorship, but you’ll have to miss out on the transitions between slides, etc. Then after Sunday I got to thinking: I don’t think anyone put any transitions on the slides. Today, I personally added transitions to the PowerPoint file before bringing it in to EasyWorship. And you know what? The transitions did work! So nice. So sweet. So good!

Later this month we’ll have a Saturday training for all those that run lyrics during the services. Today, the 2 volunteers were really just watching me, but didn’t get hands on time with the software. At the Saturday training, we’ll make sure each person has time to run EasyWorship all by themselves and leave able to operate it with confidence.

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