Weekend reVIEW

The Church 2.0 Local Forum – Santa Cruz this past Thursday was awesome. I had a blast and…

The Church 2.0 Local Forum – Santa Cruz this past Thursday was awesome. I had a blast and truly enjoyed meeting Church leaders from that area. God is at work all over this country and I’m thrilled to be able to catch little glimpses of it.

This is a picture from the Santa Cruz gathering with 2 of my friends: Cynthia Ware and Chuckk Gerwig (he and his wonderful family had me stay at their house – with an amazing view of Redwoods in their backyard):

This is a picture Chuckk took of me eating my first raw oyster at the Santa Cruz Wharf:

Church Video Idea:
Sunday, after church, I had a meeting with my Technical Arts Leadership Team. This was a great time of lunch, fellowship, collaborating, sharing and vision casting/planning for the future and specifically for the Fall season (which will be busy). Topics on the agenda included:

  • Our church’s transition to Planning Center Online (more about them in a future blog)
  • Each person’s roles and responsibilities as a member of the leadership team
  • Volunteer care and the assimilation process for new team members
  • Our new newsletter (which I’m really excited about)
  • Upcoming calendar events for Summer and Fall
  • Planning and preparation for our summer social on Saturday, July 26

The meeting was fruitful and I am, personally, thrilled to be partnering in ministry with these friends. I’m excited about the future of the team and our moving forward under a shared-ministry philosophy and them being empower to shepherd, care for those under them and welcome and train new team members to their area. Great afternoon – time well spent!