What a Witness!

I’m so happy for Tony Dungy, Peyton Manning and the Colts. Big ups to Coach Dungy for giving glory to God and “the Lord” after his first Super Bowl win. He truly is a class act. Maybe I had too much orange soda, but I thought I heard Prince play a Foo Fighters song.


My friends at eleven72 are offering a great FREE download which includes 2 motion backgrounds and 4 really nice urban still backgrounds.


I tried another route to get a good copy of the Kleenex commercial. I contacted the group that wrote the song playing in the background and posted the commercial on YouTube. Again, I got a “no”, but this was a very nice “no” from a very nice person. Here’s the reply:

Hi Greg,

I’m glad that you wrote… as it lead me to your blog regarding the Kleenex commercial and how the church could learn from the example given in the ad to simply listen to people. I agree with what you said. I’m sure we could have a great conversation about this, but I’m limited with time at the moment.

In regards to the mpeg, as it’s our (Starrfadu’s) song that Kimberly Clark licenced for the the ads, our obligations are with them, and we have to respect that. So unfortunately, I can’t send you a copy.

However, God bless you and your ministry.

Austin Hartley

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