What Am I Up To?

This past Sunday night I got to hang out with worship leader Jason Upton and his band. He led worship at Deep Ellum Church and God really spoke to my heart that night. This week, with the staff retreat and all, has flown by. We had a good rehearsal last night.

Today I’m trying to work on my “Church 2.0” class for NAB. This will be the first time I’ve taught this class (and will be teaching a few more times this year at other conferences). I’ll be working on the class all day Friday and Saturday, too.

This Friday night I’ll be seeing Shawn McDonald and Downhere in concert and will hang out with them a little, too. I’m taking my intern to this concert and hope he’ll become a Shawn McDonald fan. I love SM! Saturday, I’ll be watching my kids while my wife works and working on my NAB presentation, when I can.

Sunday I’ll worship and pack. Monday morning I fly to Vegas and will hang out there with some friends, walk the exhibit floor and hope to see the Blue Man Group Monday night. Tuesday, we have a FREE tech get-together lunch at 11:30am at the Hilton Hotel buffet. Please email Kip (kkendrick@digitalresources.com) to let him know you’re coming. I really look forward to meeting many of you in Vegas.


Here’s a sign of the times. You can watch a wedding live online – which would come in handy when distance or other circumstances won’t allow you or a dear family member or friend to attend. Check them out HERE.

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