What Are You Doing for Easter?

Lately, I’ve blogged about my church’s wild schedule as we prepare for our dramatic production for Good Friday and Easter – we have 3 services on Good Friday and 5 on Easter. We have rehearsals every night this week, dress rehearsal for Good Friday on Thursday night, the 3 Good Friday services, dress rehearsal for Easter on Saturday and then 5 services on Easter. Monday after Easter, I’ll be sitting alone in a room staring at the wall for hours. I may eat, but I probably won’t talk much.

I’d love to hear what some of you are up to. Are you doing anything different, unusual, out of the box, traditional, cutting edge?…whatever – let me hear about it.


Tom Greever, Media Arts Director of Community Christian Church (which I’ve blogged about a few times – they’re the guys that did the Christ-follower/Christian parody), wrote a cool article on “Creating a Viral Video“. Check it out!


Also, I’d love to connect with as many of you as possible through LinkedIn. Let’s connect!

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