What God Did Yesterday

John preaching via video

Yesterday at my church, we had an amazing day. We had two wonderful worship experiences and God moved, God saved and God healed. Our message was on how to handle hurt and pain. God really ministered to our people. Several people raised their hands for prayer with their hurt. Several people raised their hands for salvation. It was the end of a series and will always be a special memory for me. We try to knock it out of the park each and every week, but this week was special and memorable.

Hats off to our worship pastor, Matt Rector, for putting together a great music set and leading us in heartfelt worship. We ended the service (after the message) with two modern arrangements of old hymns – It Is Well (by Todd Fields of North Point) and Cornerstone (by Hillsong). The songs went perfectly with the message on hurting and knowing the story behind It Is Well added to the moment. We hardly ever do hymns at my church, but these worked for the day.

Above is a picture of our Lead Pastor preaching. Does he look real or video? That’s the question! Seriously, you have to celebrate the wins and rejoice when God moves. How was your Sunday?

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