What’s new with Midnight Oil Productions?

Many of you are probably familiar with my friends Len Wilson and Jason Moore of Midnight Oil Productions. They have been busy this summer. Here’s a recap of the latest from MOP:

Countdown Vol. 1Loops Vol. 1
Countdowns volume 1 and Loops volume 1
Two new volumes of videos, including (7) seven 3-minute countdown videos and (10) ten motion background videos that coordinate with some of their most popular themes.

MOP downloadable
Downloadable media
Their entire spark and flame library (including exclusive unreleased media from the upcoming volume 4 set) is now available for immediate download. The coolest part is you can mix and match stills, images, loops and more to get just what you need of a single theme for worship–a feature available only through the Midnight Oil Store.

MOP membership
***Midnight Oil Plus***
Join their new annual membership program to get free products, coupons for media, software, seminars, and more.

19 Ways
This summer MOP published a number of new articles. Read them all on their site. Here’s a cool one entitled “19 Ways to Use Media in Worship“.

MOP forum
***Midnight Oil Forum***
Launched this past May, this forum is a growing community of creative folks that like to explore what it means to communicate the Gospel to this culture.

And if that’s not enough, stay tuned: These guys are hard at work on spark and flame volume 4, as well as some new Christmas resources that will be available soon!

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