What’s Next for Greg Atkinson

A ton of you read my resignation letter last week and the natural question is: “What’s next for…


A ton of you read my resignation letter last week and the natural question is: “What’s next for you?” I figured I’d answer in this blog post what I’m up to short-term and praying for long-term.


  • I’m the brand new Editor for Christian Media Magazine. Currently there are 53,000 subscribers and we’re growing every day. I’m coming on board to give new direction, vision and leadership to this magazine which has a bright future. We cover media of all types for Christians and church leaders/pastors. You can follow the magazine on Twitter HERE. As our Twitter bio reads, we are: Celebrating, educating and highlighting all media for Christians, church leaders, and pastors around the world. Look for a facelift to our brand coming soon. We are in the process of getting a sharper design and I’m talking with some great new writers to provide constant, relevant content for you and your ministry.
  • I’m an author and working on four different book projects right now. I have a brand new book out right now entitled Church Leadership Essentials. I have a new book on a Biblical view of innovation and leadership coming out next Spring. You can read about it HERE. Click on the Endorsements tab to see what leading authors and Christian leaders have said about the book. That book (Strange Leadership) is finished and in the production process. I’m in the writing stages of three brand new books: Pride, Pain, and the Pastor (as you can imagine, I have new life situations to add to the part about pain) – coming late 2014, Secrets of the Secret Shopper (this book is like getting a consultant in a book and much, much cheaper than hiring me to come to your church)- coming in 2015, and a super new book that I haven’t told anyone about, yet – coming late 2015. You’ll just have to wait to hear more about this book.
  • I’m a speaker and am currently booking speaking engagements for 2014. A week from today, I’ll be speaking at Nebraska Christian College in Omaha at their chapel service on Tuesday and for their Institute Monday night. I look forward to pouring into some young leaders. If you’d like me to speak at your conference or school in 2014, email me at greg@gregatkinson.com.
  • I’m a freelance writer and continuing to blog, write for other blogs, websites and magazines. I have an article in the Nov/Dec issue of Ministry Today magazine. Look for it this month.
  • I’m a coach and consultant. I’d love to help pour into you through my residential coaching opportunity where you come visit me and spend intense one-on-one time with me pouring into you and consulting in areas custom to your situation. You can read more about that HERE. If you don’t have much budget, consider my Online Presence consulting, which is very economical, but very useful to your ministry. I’ve done this for some of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country. Go HERE for more information on this opportunity.
  • Last, but not least – I’m available for secret shopper visits to your church. In the past (when I was a full-time pastor), I could only do two of these a year. Now that I don’t have to be at my own church every week (though I do love worshiping at my local church), I can come visit you and see your church in action. Again, I have served as a secret shopper for some of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the country and have worked with all denominations, all sizes – from church plants, to churches under 1000, 3000, 5000, 8000, 10,000, 12,000 and 15,000 plus. I do my thing as a secret shopper and then fly back home and prepare a very detailed and helpful report to go over with your leadership team via Skype or Google Hangout or phone call (your preference). Go HERE to find out more about this ministry and read endorsements from churches I’ve served. Ashely Wooldridge (Executive Pastor at CCV – Christ’s Church of the Valley in Phoenix) said it was “the best money they’d spent all year.” Contact me and let’s start the discussion. It’s probably the best investment you can make in reaching more people in your community and being more guest-friendly.

*** On a personal note: All of the above is how God can provide provision for my family. I don’t have a full-time position anymore, but I’ve never been lazy and am extremely motivated to do all I can to pay bills and provide for my family. If I can help you and your ministry, then it’s a win-win. You may be thinking you want to hire me in 2014 – Please don’t wait to contact me and let me know. I book things way out in advance and would love to get you down on my calendar.


Long-term, I am praying about where God would lead me next and if He would allow me to serve as a full-time pastor again. This could take months. It could take a year or more. Who knows? We’ll see, but I’m just praying for direction right now and haven’t started a search for a new job. I’ve sent one church that I greatly respect my resume and I ask that you pray for us that God would open a huge door of opportunity for me to serve and minister on staff at a local church again. If you know of an opportunity or just want to reach out to me and ask me to consider something, feel free to contact me.

So that’s it and that’s what’s next for me. We’ll be living on faith and praying for God to meet our every need. I’m excited about my writing and the new job as Editor of Christian Media Magazine. I’ll be sure to keep you updated on projects I’m working on. I ask that you pray for my family and me. God bless you all.