What's Your Sign?

Since the year 2000 I’ve kept my eye on Granger Community Church – after being introduced to them…


Since the year 2000 I’ve kept my eye on Granger Community Church – after being introduced to them at the Purpose Driven Conference. I’ve respected their pastor and talented staff for their willingness to do whatever it takes to reach people and do it with a sense of excellence and innovation. I subscribe to their WiredChurches.com newsletter and hope you do, too.

I’ve never blogged about one of their newsletters before, but this one got my attention. As a secret shopper/mystery worshiper, I can’t stress how important what Mark shares is. Read on…

Excerpt from becausepeoplematter.com | by Mark Waltz

Self-disclosure #1: Pretty much any building I enter – restaurant, airport, mall, church, museum, store, your house – I’m looking for a restroom. There aren’t too many homes with signage for bathrooms, but then again, I generally know the host, so I can ask.

When a new guest comes to your church, they’re likely to look for one of three things (maybe all three):

  • restroom
  • children’s center
  • auditorium or worship center

Self-disclosure #2: When we opened our new auditorium at Granger Community a few years ago, we were strategic and careful about where signage was placed and just what it communicated. However, I recently toured our building with my guest services coaches and we made some disappointing discoveries. Some signage is too busy with font that’s too small to read without standing still. Some signage has been added in recent months and secondary bulkhead hides it. Other signage uses our
in-house language that may not be all that helpful to our guests.

So, when hanging signage, ask:

  • What are guests really looking for? Is a sign with an arrow to the recycle bin really all that helpful or necessary?
  • If this sign were hanging in an airport would guests see it as they rush to catch a plane? If not, make the sign bigger (if your church is smaller, think smaller airport…but think about people reading signage as they move).
  • Will people understand what “churchutopia” means? Or would it be better to simply say,
    “Kids’ Center”?

Hang a sign. And hang it effectively.

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