Where Have I Been and What Am I Up To?

Some of you know, but a lot of you don’t know – I’ve been going full speed ahead…

Some of you know, but a lot of you don’t know – I’ve been going full speed ahead the last 2 weeks and now into my 3rd week. I moved to Carthage, Missouri 3 weeks ago and am now the Campus Pastor at a multi-site church called Forest Park. You can read my first official blog post to my new church HERE.

I apologize for not blogging in a while. As you can imagine, I’ve been swamped with meetings – meeting new people, leaders and visiting LifeGroups each night. I’ve been working 14 hour days and 90 hour weeks for the last 2 weeks. My first Sunday was Palm Sunday and last Sunday (my 2nd Sunday), was obviously Easter.

What does this mean for me, my consulting and my world:

  • I’ve hung up my secret shopper/consulting hat for the rest of 2011. I may do a couple in 2012, but right now, my sole focus is Forest Park.
  • I do have team members that I can send out to secret shop your church – it just won’t be me.  I’m actually sending a team member out pretty soon to secret shop a church for my Worship Impressions company.
  • My family is still back in Georgia and will join me here next week. I can’t wait!
  • I still share ideas, give feedback and answer questions via email and phone. Just realize, I check my church email first and my personal email often goes unlooked at for days. At least that’s how it’s been initially.
  • I still own my social media marketing company (GTK Solutions), but have stepped back from day to day operations and given leadership to my COO.
  • My heart and soul are thrilled to be back on staff at a local church. I love consulting, but my call has always been local church ministry. I’m back in the trenches with you!
  • I’ll be blogging about my new adventures as a Campus Pastor at a multi-site church. I’ll share how I’m going about getting started in my ministry here in Southwest Missouri and ideas and resources that I come across as usual.

You should know this is not a huge church as I have worked with in the past or consulted for. This is a good size church, but not huge. I really can relate to many of you. Our church, Forest Park, has 3 campuses. This past Sunday (Easter) we had a little over 2600 at all three campuses. My campus (the smallest) had 305 for Easter, which was big for our campus.

I was drawn to this church and this campus in particular because it was the smallest and needed a strong, visionary leader to lead them through different growth barriers – like breaking the 500 barrier, the 750 barrier, the 1000 barrier, etc. We’re on a journey and I’ll be sharing with you along the way. Buckle up!