Where to Begin?

Friends, forgive me. You know I’ve been blogging every day for over 5 years. You may not have put it together, but the church where I moved to and went on staff with is based in Jopiln, MO. Yes – the Joplin that you’ve been watching on TV and hearing about from the devastating F5 tornado that hit on Sunday, May 22nd and changed our life forever.

I’ve been working 16 hour days and have been living in Joplin (though my campus is 10 miles away in Carthage) since the storm happened. I’ve dealt with death, destruction, devastation and also seen some amazing God things and have some awesome stories. Here’s me with Franklin Graham when he came by to check on things at our church (our main campus sits at the busiest intersection in Joplin, MO).

Our church has been partnering with Samaritan’s Purse (a wonderful ministry headed up by Franklin Graham). Here is a video I did for them:

For now, please read my wife’s blog post HERE that will catch you up on everything. Again, forgive me for my absence from blogging. I’ve been swamped.

The following is a video from our friends at Max Lucoado’s church in San Antonio. They came and interviewed some of our church members and staff. This video shows what it’s like here. More soon.

Joplin, Missouri – May 2011 from Oak Hills Church on Vimeo.

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