Worst Seat in the House

It never fails, everytime I visit a church, I notice the senior pastor sitting in the worst seat in the worship center. I experience this weekly at my home church (Fellowship Dallas) and used to experience it weekly at Bent Tree.

In each case the senior pastor would sit on the side, front row (right in front of the subs and closest to the drums). Then they will say it’s too loud (when it sounds fine out in the house to the other thousand or three thousand seats). The sound engineer then feels his hands are tied as he tries to mix for 1100 seats (at Fellowship Dallas) or 33oo seats (at Bent Tree) or whichever church I’m visiting – the audio guy has to adjust for the person in the worst seat and thus has a bad mix for the majority of the room. How backwards is that?

My suggestion to the pastor sitting in this worst possible seat – trust your people and tech team out in the house and let them mix for the entire room. Don’t ask them to adjust things to your liking – it’s not practical. How about you? Have you experienced this in your church?

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