Church Leadership Essentials is Now Available in Print

My book Church Leadership Essentials: What Every Pastor Needs to Know is now available in print. The book has done…

Church Leadership Essentials paperback

My book Church Leadership Essentials: What Every Pastor Needs to Know is now available in print. The book has done very well as an ebook on Kindle and has 5 star reviews (thank you). Personally, I like to hold a book in my hand and keep it on a shelf in my office. I love collecting books!

Here’s the description from Amazon:

Think of this book as a toolbox full of leadership tools for pastors and other church leaders. Greg Atkinson has the uncanny ability to get to the heart of issues, and offer solutions and resolutions in a practical and meaningful way. He packs 34 key leadership principles into concise but powerful chapters. This book is the vital leadership training that many seminaries failto offer. It can revolutionize your ministry.

Here’s what people are saying about the book:

  • Greg is one of the more thoughtful leaders in the church today. I’ve worked with him personally and found him to be very professional and helpful. He knows church leadership. This is one to put on your bookcase where you can get to it quickly. Great church resource. – Ron Edmondson
  • Whether you’re a lead pastor, a staff member, or serve in leadership in any way in your church, you’ll find Greg’s book dripping with practical leadership advice. This is a book you’ll come back to over and over. I know I will! – Ben Reed
  • Greg provides a easy to digest, highly insightful and provocative guide to leadership that you can tell is born out of experience and revelation. I haven’t seen anyone approach the topic in the way that Greg has and he offers a unique voice that I find very refreshing and unique. – Rex Miller
  • Greg Atkinson has written a very helpful book that offers us a biblically sound spiritual approach to innovation and leadership. I love the short and quickly accessible chapters — each one is packed with insights that will stand the test of time. I believe you will find this book to be a fresh, relevant and practical read. – Dan Reiland
  • Greg’s wealth of experience makes this a must-have-book for anyone working in a church! His writing style is easy to keep up with and very enjoyable. Buy this book now and become a better Christian leader! – Alan Danielson
  • Greg’s honesty and practical insights make this book an essential for every leader’s library. Church Leadership Essentials is an easy read, but the topics are anything but easy and come from a lifetime of dedication to making The Church & Her leader’s great. This book is written from the perspective of been-there-done-that. One can only write a book like this when they have had the varied background of experiences that a Greg Atkinson has had. There’s no Ghost Writer here. This is one leader walking ahead of the rest of us giving us a path to follow. So much of Church Leadership is really really hard. This book seeks to make the easy stuff easy, and to admit what it takes to do the rest of it.  – Dave Miller
*** I wrote this book for church leaders that went to school, but weren’t prepared for real ministry or church leaders that never got to attend Bible college or seminary and are learning on the fly. This is a book full of leadership lessons that they don’t teach you in school. My prayer is that you’ll use this with your team. I encourage you to buy one for each of your team members and use the book as a starting place for team discussion. Go HERE to get the book. God bless you as you serve.