How Good is Your Church’s Security?


This past weekend I did a secret shopper at a church in Texas that is a little under a thousand people. No one knew I was coming except the pastor. I did what I normally do during one of the hours in the morning and that is check out their children’s facilities, process and security.

The children’s minister who showed me around took my name and where I was from, and wrote it on a sheet of paper. I thought she wanted to stay in touch. 🙂 What I later found out is she gave my name and where I’m from to one of their police officers that is at the church on a Sunday morning and he ran a background check on me.

I have written numerous times in the past about the necessity of security and systems in place to protect your kids. Security is one of the main things I look for when I do a secret shopper. This staff member’s radar went off and realized I was snooping around and looking at stuff that the normal church attender wouldn’t be interested in. So she let her gut and instincts lead her to have me checked out. So, I ask you: How good is your church’s security?

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