Glee Messed Me Up Last Week

I post my blogs in advance and was gone last week to the Catalyst Conference, but before I…

I post my blogs in advance and was gone last week to the Catalyst Conference, but before I left town, I watched Glee on Tuesday night – which was about spirituality, Christianity, God not answering prayers and how Christians treat homosexuals. I was messed up. I think it was one of the best episodes (powerful and thought-provoking) I’ve ever seen on television.

In what I think was one of the best vocal performances I’ve ever heard, Kurt (who is the gay teen on Glee) sang a very moving rendition of “I Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Beatles. You can download the song HERE. Watch this video and tell me what you think.

Kurt @ Yahoo! Video

Pretty powerful, huh? What disturbed me and pulled on my heart was the two characters (Kurt, the gay teen and Sue, the mean coach) that had very negative feelings toward God, Christianity and the cast of Glee singing spiritual songs and talking about going to church. Both had very real and valid reasons for their opinion. I was moved by both of their stories.

Kurt’s story moved me because I know there are gay teens sitting in the congregation of every church and the suicides of gay teenagers is on the rise – that disturbs me greatly. We’re going to be discussing this issue more on my blog in the next week. Please have your pastors read and interact with the discussion. My heart is to make pastors aware of this real issue that every church faces and urge them to be sensitive and choose their words carefully from the pulpit.

Sue’s story moved me because she has an older sister that is mentally handicapped and I have a heart for special needs persons. Glee, in a genius way, showed you a peek under the hood of what makes Sue tick, that she does have a heart and that she feels she was let down by God as a child. They drew me in with her backstory and made me even more compassionate toward her.

The last time I was moved like that was when I watched the movie “Rent” and heard the song “Will I?”. You can watch that below.

Let me hear from you, friends? Did you see Glee this past week? If not go watch it on Did you see “Rent”? What are your thoughts? Were you disturbed at all? Do you even care? Why or why not?